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Roof Painting

Cape Town including Stellenbosch, Durbanville and Somerset West.

Roof coatings plays an essential part in keeping your roof intact. NPC offers expert airless roof painting services for complexes and residential, commercial and industrial clients for almost any type of roof or building.

We also offer a range of heat reflective coatings that can drastically reduce the internal temperature of your building, resulting in a more comfortable environment and reduced cooling costs.

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How airless spray roof painting is done

Before we start with the roof painting, the surface is prepared by means of high pressure washing and manual cleaning, where necessary. Specialized anti-fungal treatment then gets applied to all tiled and porous surfaces, as well as some of metal roofs. Depending on the type of substrate, specialized primers are then applied, if required. A minimum of two coats of roof paint are then applied by means of airless spray to ensure a uniform film thickness.

By following supplier specifications and procedures we can offer a supplier backed product guarantee of up to 12 years on roof painting.

When doing our site visit for the quotation we can also assess the existing waterproofing system on the roof and quote on recommended repairs and servicing that might be required.

Additional services

Our airless spray technique is ideal for vertical cladding and large surfaces like walls and ceilings for retail stores, shopping centers, factories and warehouses. Doing larger interior or exterior surfaces by means of airless spray painting instead of traditional painting methods can reduce the time spent on “painting” by up to 90%, making it more cost effective than traditional painting methods.

We have completed several interior projects for retailers like Mr Price and Foschini in various shopping centers across the country.

How it works

  • After contacting NPC, one of our agents will call you to set up an appointment at your convenience.
  • We will carry out a site inspection that will determine the correct preparation procedures and products most suited to the current state of the roof, as well as your requirements.
  • A free personalised specification sheet and quotation will be drawn up and submitted to you via email.
  • Note: All specifications are drawn up based on the relevant supplier requirements in order to honour their standard product guarantees.
  • If we come across any damage to your roof while we do the preparation, we have the tools to do repairs. We will assess the damage and get to fixing it in no time.
  • On larger projects we can call on your preferred paint supplier to compile a comprehensive specification that can be used when obtaining quotes from other contractors. Selected suppliers can also be requested to monitor the progress of the project to ensure that all work is done according to the manufacturer’s requirements

What is a roof coating?

A roof coating is a monolithic and fully adhered fluid, which is applied to the roof as a layer, similar to paint. The roof coating dries very fast and there are usually 2 layers applied, giving time between each coat for the previous one to dry. There are also dry film versions of roof coating and thickness varies. Both types are created in a way to ensure they can stretch and retract without any damage occurring, so that it may protect your roof from sunlight, rain, snow, hail and so forth. A typical roof coating will last 10 to 15 years if done correctly. The other feature of modern roof coating technology is that they keep your roof cool, which means that the house will be cooler in the summer, allowing for more comfortable living.

Remember that preserving the life of your roof is much cheaper than having it replaced, so it is essential to ensure that your roof coating is in good shape.